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i like to go by the name of nozomi. my passion is music, and one of my quirky fondnesses is transvestites. i collect dolls and orange clothes. andy warhol is my idol. i love my friends. i am a seventeen-year-old fangirly band fag, hear me roar.
there are certain friends of mine near and dear enough to be considered family by me. these special people include kenu, kali, bchan, and max.
non sequitur, which means "it does not follow" in latin, is my third livejournal. the username was chosen to suit the extremely random things i tend to say in my journals, and the name of the journal was in turn picked to suit the username.
version seven features toudaiji miyako, my favorite character from the manga series kamikaze kaitou jeanne by tanemura arina. it was created using jasc paint shop pro 7 and notepad. coding and edited images (c) nozomi seijitsu, 2003.


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Ugh. It's not really his fault, but he ALWAYS seems to manage to say exactly the right thing to piss me off at all the wrong times. So annoying~ But I feel bad for being a bitch to him, too.
Imagesurvey stolen from EnderCollapse )
Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, but the journal switch thing... kamatari is no longer mine. But I think most of you know that by now.

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Haha, I know I complain about her, but my mom is so funny sometimes. I wake up in the morning and see that she finally picked up our preordered Finding Nemo, and when she came home she gave me Finding Nemo fishy gummies. XD It's so cute... shaped like a sardine tin, and even has a little "key" to open it with. XD I have so much gummy candy now
I FINALLY took advantage of the 15 usericon limit and made new KKJ icons. Although I only like the Access one. Access is so adorable. <3
Feeeh, the ugliness. Everything I make now is ugly. Ugly, ugly, ugly. I'm a failure.
::heart!:: Aaaah, Kazuma... *-*

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